The Lake Hills we know today started in the post World War II 1950s with the mass development of housing – developed with Boeing engineers in mind. Lake Hills is built on a system of winding boulevards and quiet neighborhood streets, with Lake Hills Shopping Center as it's core. A community swim and recreation club, The Samena Club, and the Lake Hills East Bellevue Federal Little League field are also centrally located. The distinctive Lake Hills entry signs are reminiscent of the 50s-era housing style, and one can still find great examples of Mid-Century Modern architecture in the area.

Today, Lake Hills is a culturally rich community, with a multitude of parks, wetlands, open space, trails, shopping, restaurants, and schools, and the brand new Lake Hills Library. Lake Hills is also home to the Lake Hills Greenbelt, including the beloved Lake Hills Farm Fresh Produce Stand (affectionately known as the Little Red Barn) and the Larsen Lake Blueberry Farm (Blueberry Lake to locals).

The location, lot sizes, relative affordability, and community assets is making Lake Hills one of the hot markets on the Eastside. Combined with the extremely successful revitalizion of Kelsey Creek Shopping Center and Lake Hills Village, Lake Hills is experiencing construction of many new homes, and rehab and modernization of the 50's homes. Lake Hills is truly the next great place!

Lake Hills is situated in a unique location, making the old adage "Location, location, location" absolutely true. Easy access to 520, I-90, and 405. Minutes to Microsoft. The Lake Hills Connector road gives nearly instant access to downtown Bellevue. Lake Hills is also the geographic center of the City of Bellevue!

This location, vast diversity of employers (Microsoft, Boeing, T-Mobile to name just three), amazing range of home sizes, styles, and prices, and education and recreation access combine to attract residents from the world over and create one of the most culturally rich and diverse areas on the Eastside, if not in the entire state. This diversity lends itself to a unique richness in life, people, education, and culture.