BathBedroomHousehold tipsKitchen July 27, 2015

Have a clean(er) house in only 15 minutes a day!

Let's face it – not many of us have the time to keep our homes clean these days., especially if you throw in a spouse, 2 kids, and a pet or two or three…! I know that my house could certainly use some help in the clean arena, and this article is going to be a new trial run in improving our day-to-day clean appeal.

Boiled down to the basics – break tasks down into smaller chunks, and they are attainable in only 15-20 minutes per day. Have a cleaner house in only 15-20 minutes per day! Of course they don't mention that my 8 year old can undo that 15-20 minutes of work in about 30 seconds, but that's beside the point!

Read this great article for the details!