FinanceInvestment July 14, 2015

Eastside Market Review


The Eastside Market 2nd Quarter statistics are in and they're pretty amazing! 

  • 55% of houses listed sold ABOVE asking price in under 7 days!
  • 20% sold at the listing price in just under 17 days
  • Only 25% sold at under asking price
  • The median price is up 6% to $640,000. This is the highest region in King County!
  • The Eastside market ranges from only .7 months of supply to 1.7 months of supply.

What does this mean to you? It's a SELLER'S MARKET. If you are contemplating selling your home in the next year, NOW would be a perfect time to do so. Families with children are looking to move now since school let out and they want to settle in their new school districts or neighborhoods before the school year starts.